2017 Bishop's Christmas Offering for Children Grant Request

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  • Ministries seeking this grant must have a connection to the work of the United Methodist Church either directly by use of the building or members or boards; or indirectly as partners with other faith-based community groups.
  • Diversity in people served and location.
  • Ministries will not be eligible for a grant for more than two consecutive years unless the ministry is needed to maintain diversity. 
  • The grant is to give the ministry a ‘boost’ and is not intended to support the day-to-day operations or staff compensation.
  • The grant is to directly benefit children, 18 years old and under

Please complete no later than February 28, 2017.

Questions? Contact Emma Loane at emmaloane1985@gmail.com or 812-573-9592


Name of Project / Ministry:
District in which the ministry is located:
Local United Methodist Church Affiliation:
Street Address of Ministry (or affiliated church)
City, State, Zip Code:
Description of Project / Ministry:
How would this grant help to support this project / ministry?
How would this grant directly benefit children?
The grant available to each project is a maximum of $2000 in most cases. Please provide specific information (itemize where appropriate) on how grant money would be spent?

(For example: “We can feed one child, both breakfast and lunch, for 5 weeks for approximately $100. A grant of $2000 will allow us to expand our summer food program from the 80 children we currently reach, and enable us to feed an extra 20 children this summer”)

*Please note that the Bishop’s Christmas Offering for Children Grants are typically awarded late in the Spring, before Annual Conference.

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